Founders Guide on Investor Alan Glennon


Investing process

Investment Focus
I invest in super-early high-growth potential, technology-enabled startups. My investments tend to be in companies that: have discovered something unexpected in a market or are experimenting with new business methods. Any industry is fine, but as a former park ranger, natural resource mining companies are not interesting to me.

Who I invest in
Anyone. If you are the type of person or people that Silicon Valley underestimates, I especially want to hear about what you are building. My last seven investments average 2.1 founders per company, and six of seven have a woman founder. They are all working full-time, exclusively on their startup.

Investment sizes

What you get from Alan

I ran a startup too. As your company encounters problems, there is a reasonable chance I have experienced something similar. That being said, every startup and founder is different. Your company is yours, not mine. Even solutions that worked for me may be a terrible path for you. It is your job to weigh the options and make the decisions that work for your startup.

Your well-being
Even for ambitious, capable, and smart people, running a startup can be overwhelmingly stressful. I expect you to work hard and fully commit to the company, but not at the cost of your emotional or physical safety. Your life and well-being are more important than any startup or my investment.

Founders usually communicate with me by email. Linkedin is a reasonable way to make initial contact, but I do not use its messaging. It is pretty common for my portfolio founders to text when something fast-paced is happening.