startup pitches Investor School (2018-present) - I help organize a community of startup investors.
cakemix labs logo Cakemix Labs (2018-present) - Experiments in geospatial analysis.
GeyserTimes app in use GeyserTimes (2010-present) - With Jake Young, Will Boekel, et al, a notetaking app and database of geyser observations.
arogi spider diagram Arogi (2015-2017) - With Antonio Medrano, Matt Niblett, Tim Niblett, and Rick Church, NSF-funded spatial analytics company focused on emergency response.
Trail network near UCSB Geographically Embedded Networks (2013) - Doctoral Dissertation on networks embedded in geographic space.
People planning a mapping party WhereCamp (2007-2013) - Discussant at and organizer of numerous California geospatial unconferences.
Jesusita fire burning behind a hillside house. Crowdsourcing disaster response (2010) - Co-authored with Mike Goodchild, a preprint of our article in IJDE.
Flow data model examples in UML. Geographic Data Models (2010) - A "how to" on creating geographically informed data models.
UCSB online map UCSB Campus Map (2010) - With Susan Tran, an interactive map of the UCSB campus.
Flow lines on a map FlowpyGIS (2008-2010) - A Python script for creating gross, net, and two-way flow lines.
Wind currents on a virtual globe. Geography 2.0 (2005-2007) - Contemporaneous blog on the development of virtual globes.
Crystal Geyser, Utah Cold water geysers (2004) - With Rhonda Glennon, an inventory of CO2-driven erupting springs and wells. Note: link goes to a pdf file.
A map section of El Tatio Geysers, Chile El Tatio Geysers (2003) - With Rhonda Glennon, Shane Fryer, and Weldon Hawkins, an inventory and map of Chile's El Tatio geysers. Note: link goes to a pdf file.
In-cave science Martin Ridge Cave Project (1996-2003) - With Jon Jasper and others, exploration and survey of a massive cave in south-central Kentucky. Now a Cave Research Foundation project.
Karst groundwater basin map Mammoth Cave drainage patterns (2001) - Master's thesis on subsurface conduit geometries within a karst landscape.