Geographically Embedded Networks

Analysis of Geographically Embedded Networks (23 March 2013)
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revision history:
v75 to final: additional discussion of GIScience and ambiguous GENet constituents
v73 to v75: consistency edit
v48 to v73: defense revisions
v45 to v48: more minor grammar edits; acknowledgements
v42 to v45: minor grammar edits; improve text and figure placement
v38 to v42: incorporated Clarke revisions
v34 to v38: miscellaneous edits in Chapter 4
v28 to v34: incorporated Goodchild revisions
v25 to v28: edits on chapter 3,4 & 5; figure corrections
v23 to v25: edits on introductory material, and chapters 1,2 & 6

Code and Supplementary Material
Flowpy (Python 2.7) Interaction matrix to flow shapefile creator. (code) & (video demo)
GeyserSynth (Python 3.3) Synthetic geyser eruption data (code)
GeyserNaive (Python 3.3) To support GTP Naive case
Geyser Notebook (Android) Download at (Google Play Store) & (video demo)
Defense Slideset download as pdf (12MB)

last update: 16 May 2013