Alan Glennon co-founded and works at Arogi -- a private geospatial technology research laboratory. He earned his PhD at the UCSB Department of Geography investigating spatial computation and geographically embedded networks. Alan has worked with and studied networks in geography for over two decades, starting with field research to map cave and karst watersheds. This initial interest in caves led him to a Master's degree in karst hydrogeology at Western Kentucky University. Concurrently, he worked as a ranger naturalist at Mammoth Cave National Park, Jewel Cave National Monument, and Great Basin National Park. In 1999, Glennon co-founded the WKU Hoffman Environmental Research Institute, a center dedicated to applied and basic research on human interaction with karst landscapes. Serving as the Institute's Assistant Director, Alan became proficient in the center's primary analytical tool, GIS. His wife Rhonda, also a GIS adherent, became employed at Esri, and he followed her to southern California. Glennon there became a student of Dr. Michael Goodchild at UCSB, and turned attention toward GIScience--pursuing methods for understanding the natural and social world via computational analogs. Glennon lives in Loma Linda, California.


WhereCamp SoCal

January 21, 2013 -- It's time to start thinking about WhereCamp SoCal 2013. WhereCamp is gathering of geospatial technologists in an unconference format. In the best case, we'll have places inside to meet, eat, hack, and discuss, as well as, outdoor space for demonstrations and experiments. Come and engage --- bring something cool for show and tell -- ready a five-minute lightning talk -- lead a session on your favorite geo tech -- whatever, prepare to be more than a spectator. We're just getting started with organizing things, so to keep up with the latest, head over to: wherecampsocal.org.

photo: WhereCamp SoCal 2011